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Arthur McCay

Update: Up Up and Undo!


Another release. And a pretty huge one. A new dashboard design, restoring deleted projects and project files (!), new social icons and a better export for CJM. And a moment of glory for UXPressia team. All of that in this update.

Dashboard Refined


We've revised the dashboard to make it cleaner and more intuitive.

There's been a lot of confusion with delete and copy buttons. Sometimes it was difficult for people to figure out which button deletes personas, which one deletes CJM and so on.
Now, all action buttons have been moved up so they don't clutter the project pane.

You can select projects in the same old way by clicking on it so it expands. But to select a map or a persona, you don't have to tick them anymore. You can just click anywhere on the row (make sure you don't click the name itself, cause it will open it). You'll notice a light tint on a selected item. Also, the action bar above the dashboard will change allowing you to either copy or delete the selected item.

Restore Deleted Projects


You may have noticed another change in the dash. There's something about that "show deleted files" button... Oh yeah. Now you can restore deleted projects! And this is huge. You never know when your finger slips and hits "delete". Now you can restore your stuff yourself and it'll take you a couple of clicks to do that!

Just click the "Show deleted files" button, find the project you've deleted, open it and hit "Restore"!



CJM Name in Export


A lot of folks requested this feature and here ya go! From now on, CJM & Persona names will appear in exported PNG and PDFs along with project names they belong to.

New Icons for Social Section in Personas


We've also finally extended the number of options in the social section of the Personas tool. New icons like Telegram, VK, Reddit, Whatsapp, and Snapchat have been added!

About page


Last but not least, we are proud to introduce the new about page! Let the world know its heroes 🙂

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