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Kristina Margulets
Content Writer at UXPressia

Introducing channels update and persona colors improvements


The new month starts with new features in UXPressia’s CJM and Personas tools! Read on to find out everything about them.

Industry-specific channels

We've rolled out new icon packs for healthcare, banking and finance, telecom, and employee experience. 

New industry-specific channels: healthcare, banking and finance, telecom, and employee experience.

More space for channels captions

Sometimes a channel can't be described in a word or two. Now you can add longer text under each channel. Resize the column to see the whole caption.

Describe the channels in detail in UXPressia CJM tool.

Persona accent color improvements

The accent color and the font color are now set separately in Personas, meaning that you can make them completely different if you want.

Add the accent color and the font color in the Personas tool.

The accent colors are now visible on the project dashboard, persona’s left panel, and in maps. You can use them to group different personas visually (e.g., buyer personas and user personas).

Group the different personas visually (e.g., buyer and user personas).

Try out the new features now!

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