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Kristina Margulets

Kristina Margulets
Content Writer at UXPressia

Unlock your customer understanding and improve CX with hidden insights


Customer experience today is one of the key business success drivers. To succeed, you must build interactions with customers. And that’s hardly possible without insight into their needs, wants, and aspirations. 

There’s no time for resting on your laurels — having the interactions in place is not enough. You must listen carefully to understand and take the opportunities to meet customers’ expectations even more effectively. This way you will delight them, inspire loyalty, and ultimately reach your business goals. But no matter how hard you listen, some insights can remain unnoticed even if you have them at your fingertips.

Take part in our free online event on Thursday, January 28, to learn everything about the hidden resources of customer insights.

Upcoming event: hidden insights that reveal what customers really need and want

About the event

At the event, expert speakers Celia Felgate and Michelle Spaul will talk about hidden insights that we fail to realize. They’ll show you where to look for them and how such tools as complaint analysis, website analytics, and reviews can help you search for insights.

You will also learn how to interpret and use the information you find. Hidden insights will help you strengthen and use your customer personas and empathy map and improve products, services, and touchpoints.

About the speakers

Celia has amassed a wealth of knowledge working for private sector clients and was a former Marketing Communications and Customer Experience manager in the utilities sector. She has worked with a wealth of big-name brands as well as helping smaller organizations access big business thinking in their customer experience strategies in her work at Fresh Nous.

Michelle Spaul is a solo consultant who has experience of working with customers in FMCG, automotive, aerospace, and consulting. Michelle believes that small and medium-sized businesses deserve the competitive advantages enjoyed by big companies and understands the time and cost constraints that get in the way. With a long history of helping businesses, teams, and individuals, she knows what is necessary and how to deliver business results.

Ready to start revealing hidden insights?

Come join us live to get a fresh, pragmatic approach to customer insights.

Can’t make it live? Register anyway, and we’ll send you the recording 😉

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