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New event: Journey mapping is a team sport | Nov 3


Are there any journey mapping practices that apply to all industries? We can confidently name one: working in a team rather than doing it solo.

But don’t just take our word for it. Jodie Fielding, Chief Delivery Officer at Influx and Director at Humind, and Rod Netterfield, Director at Humind, are teaming up to share why collaboration is critical to mapping success. At our next online event, they will also cover the “how” — with an overview of tools, strategies, and techniques to facilitate and engage multiple participants for your initiative.

Jodie and Rod’s advice will be based on real-life experiences: two journey mapping projects in education and finance for organizations on different business development stages.

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Join us on November 3 to learn:

✏️ How to assemble a bigger mapping team, and the benefits that come from it;

✏️ What instruments, online and offline, can streamline collaboration;

✏️ How to recruit stakeholders and get buy-in if they are hesitant to join;

✏️ What to do once the map is finished to create impactful change.

💬 A Q&A session will take place after the event. Any questions on team management and other mapping-related subjects are very welcome.

📹 If you can’t join us live, sign up anyway. We will be sharing a recording with all registered participants.

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