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Kristina Margulets
Content Writer at UXPressia

New JM template: the sneakers store visitor journey map


Have you ever built journey maps with multiple personas? Visualizing interactions between different personas on the same map can help you get valuable and even unexpected insights that you wouldn't obtain by mapping out separate journeys for each persona.

At our recent webinar, we spoke about multi-persona journey maps. Our new sneaker store visitor journey map template helped us explain how multiple-persona journey maps work and how to create one in UXPressia.

sneakers store

And now we are making the e-commerce journey template available to the wider public (the webinar recording is already here in case you want to watch it 😉).

In the template, you will find seven personas, three of which are on the map from the very beginning and take similar steps. Four other personas appear on the map at later steps to help customer personas with the orders they make.

Use it as a starting point for your own CJM or as a source of inspiration to build a multiple personas map from scratch. One thing is for sure —  a multiple-persona journey map can help you to look at your customers’ journeys from a different angle.

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