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Kristina Margulets
Content Writer at UXPressia

New template: streaming service customer journey map


Woohoo, the winter holidays are coming! It's the time for spending with family and enjoying hot cocoa, fluffy blankets, and all those series we've been postponing during the whole year.

The most comfortable way to enjoy the series is to subscribe to a streaming service to be able to pause and resume watching whenever you want, watch favorite series on different devices, and take advantage of instant playback.

To help streaming platforms delight their customers and deliver the best possible experience to them not just on holidays but throughout the entire year, we built a new Streaming Service Customer JM Template.

The template covers the journeys of three family members — two adults and a kid. Each has their own requirements, needs, preferences, and expectations about the content and platform functionality. 

We considered all these matters and turned them into an insightful and detailed customer journey map that would help a streaming service provider to get a holistic view of the experience they deliver to the customers and discover areas for improvement.

Check it out to understand what experience your streaming service customer might have with you. And be sure to explore the Ideas section, where we gathered some tips that would help you deliver a stellar experience and help customers enjoy your service.

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