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New CJM Templates: Gas Station, Gym and City Visitor


We keep our template page up-to-date bringing you more and more CJM templates for all sorts of industries and businesses. This time, we're introducing 3 new templates: for gym and fitness business, for gas stations, and for city visitors! Read on to learn more about each.

Gym & Fitness CJM Template


It is the middle of the summer, so there's still time to ask yourself if your gym UX need some workout!

Sure, cheating is no good when bulking your muscles, but it is okay when you want a quick pump in UX. Besides, we won't tell anybody. 😉

It's not even cheating! Think of it as a training plan we've drafted for you. With 9 stages already on the canvas, all you need to do is just beast it up a notch.

Keep doing reps until you see that envy looks from other gym owners. And once it happened, keep pushing even harder! Create a gym journey map.

City Visitor CJM Template


Almost every city has a lot to offer to a tourist. Even if there’s not much sightseeing to do, there’s still a great deal of user experience and that’s the most important showplace.

Especially when it's a vacation season. Which it is. Lucky you, you don't have to rack your brains coming up with stages. We've already taken care of that!

With 11 stages and some touchpoints we've drafted for you, all there's left to do is to map your city visitors experience! Create a city visitor journey map.

Gas Station CJM Template


The last one for today is a CJM template for gas station customers. And it has everything you need to cover a basic journey of a typical customer.

A dozen of stages with 9 sections are a good start! Don't waste time coming up with all this, just focus on the most important stuff - the journey.

Fill your UX tank with premium insights and win your customers’ hearts once and for all! Create a gas station journey map.

Couldn't found a suitable template for your case? Schedule a demo with our team and let’s discuss how UXPressia can help you achieve your goals.

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