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Arthur McCay

New CJM Templates: Real Estate, Taxi, Soft and Cinema


Another load of CJM templates for our lovely template hub is here! We've created 4 new templates for you to enjoy. No need to go through pains of staring at a blank sheet. We've gone through this for you to save you time and energy. So meet customer journey templates for real estate, taxi companies, software, and cinema!

CJM Template for Real Estate


Buying real estate is that challenge. Buyers are always under a lot of stress, so pushing them to their limits is not the best idea. Keeping the whole process smooth is the key to closing a successful deal.

That’s where UX comes into play. Create a customer journey map of your clients and find out all their pain points. Luckily, we've made the first step - this template. With it, you don't need to sit there and think where to start. All there's left to do is to start mapping!

Hook your customers up with a premium experience and they'll keep coming back to you! Create a real estate map.

CJM Template for Taxi


This customer journey map template is tailored for the taxi industry. The industry where people are always in a rush and have no time and no desire to fight over poor service. If they aren't happy, you won't get the second chance.

Make them happy now! With this template, you can channel all your energy towards creating an outstanding experience for your passengers. No time wasted.

Hop in our CJM cab and let us take you for the best ride in your life! 😉 Create a taxi journey map.

CJM Template for Software


Software is a big deal today. It's everywhere you look! And so it is really important to keep your products up to the mark.

What makes your soft good? Well-written and maintainable code? Yes. But it's all worthless when its UX stinks. You don't want your software to be like that, do you?

Grab our CJM template and make your digital products equipped with top-notch UX so that all your competitors are off the market. Create a journey map for software.

CJM Template for Cinema


Hey, we all love going to the movies, right? That crunchy popcorn and your favorite actors... until that moment when bad UX kicks in and you don't want any movies anymore.

Your customers deserve the best. So why not give them just that? With this template for cinema, you'll fix all UX bummers in a wink so that there's some time left to watch your favorite movie! Create a journey map for cinema.

Couldn't find a suitable template for your case? Schedule a demo with our team and let’s discuss how UXPressia can help you achieve your goals.

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5 years ago

I am a real estate broker in Minnesota. Your post looks very interesting for me.Thanks you!