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Introducing UXPressia 4.0: Collaboration & Undo/Redo


The best journey maps are built collaboratively. And it’s not just UX designers that should be involved in the process of journey mapping – you should invite people from across all departments. And we’ve been working for the past year rewriting UXPressia virtually from scratch so you can collaborate with your team in real time. […]

Introducing UXPressia 4.0: Overview

UXPressia 4.0 Overview

As we’re getting closer and closer to the huge release, we think it’s fair to give you some sneak peeks into what to expect from UXPressia this May. And what’s most important, we want to show you how to use the new features. And we will start off with a general overview. Main Features Let’s see […]

10.5 Tips to Take Customer Journey Mapping to the Next Level

Customer journey mapping market is so hot today. It seems like everyone is trying to get there. Companies from around the world use CJM not only to map their customer journey but to map journeys of their employees as well. They even map out their marketing and email campaigns. That makes it all the more important to use the technique more effectively. And here are our 10.5 tips on how you can take the most out of customer journey mapping.

Employee Experience Journey Map: Example + Template


Today, we are all obsessed with the experience of the customer. However, few seem to care about employee experience. This makes no sense whatsoever as employees are no less of a driving force for our business than our customers. Let’s see how we can change this!

Case Study: Johannes from Contexte


A case study from Johannes Neukamm who is a product owner at Contexte – a French-European policy analysis site. Johannes creates personas and user journeys for the agency. He tells a story of how UXPressia helped him be more productive and incorporate design thinking practices into Contexte development processes.

Case Study: Student Journey by Paula Goncalves from Geekie


Background The power to learn is the key to any transformation. And as the Success Manager at Geekie, my mission is to make sure we deliver the best learning experience possible. Geekie is an adaptive educational platform designed for teachers and students. Here, we’re trying to get students excited about the school through personalized learning. […]